Christopher Scanlon is a writer and commentator who has written features, essays, opinion and review articles on topics as diverse as Twilight to the bleak outlook for the world’s 6000 languages. His work has appeared in Australia’s largest newspapers and magazines, including The Age, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, The Courier-Mail, Daily LifeThe Punch, and Crikey. He has also written for magazines such as The Monthly, RealTime, Overland and Arena Magazine. He is also the author of monographs, book chapters and journal articles.

In 2006 he was invited to speak at the 2006 Melbourne International Writers’ Festival and the 2007 Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival. He has participated in radio interviews on topics ranging from proposals to lower the voting age, declining linguistic diversity to social capital. Between 1999–2008, Christopher was a co-editor of Arena Magazine.

Christopher has a PhD in politics from Monash University. His research work has appeared in leading academic journals, including The Australian Journal of Political Science and the International Journal of the Sociology of Language. He has spoken at international conferences in Cambridge, San Francisco, Sarajevo and Durban.

He is currently Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University.

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